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Escape from a courtroom is not a "violent felony"

The Government's acknowledged breach of a plea agreement did not affect the defendant's substantial rights or free him from his appeal waiver

3 Year Government Delay = Speedy Trial Violation

Judges Disagree Over Substantive Reasonableness Claims, but Affirm Anyway

Whoo Hoo! Big News: SCOTUS Grants Cert on FSA Pipeline-Cases Issues

No stay of execution for Reginald Brooks

Sixth Circuit reversed . . . again

There Is A Zoo in Central Park

In Which Judges Learn That There Is No Good Analogy for the Internet

Freeman in Action

Double Jeopardy: Maybe, Maybe Not


Sixth Circuit shifting oral argument practice

Ruff justice is not so rough

He says - she says: Court says - Suppress!!!

The ACCA, Sykes, Oscar, and Yogi


AEDPA v. Brady: AEDPA Wins

Crimes by Soldiers: Military v. Civilian Prosecutions

No Lengthening of Sentence to Complete Treatment Program

Statement of Reasons Basically Meaningless

A bit more clarity about the retroactive application of SORNA

An "Alford plea" factual basis proffer is not a valid Shepard document

Sixth Circuit reverses rare Michigan (federal) death sentence

6th Circuit: Doing Cocaine and Sleeping During Trial is Not Necessarily Ineffective Assistance

6th Circuit Clarifies Blockburger Test as Applied to CP


Spears Again: Rejecting GLs


Pre-Gant Law Governs Pre-Gant Searches


All Sorts of Good News: Crack Memo from DOJ

Exciting Tapia developments!

Ladies and Gentleman, we have a new acronym!

Lesson learned: when the Court invites you to file a brief, you probably should!!!!!!

Court vacates conviction, death penalty, and remands for new proceedings

Supreme Court Reverses Sixth Circuit: Amended Crack Guideline Relief Is (Probably) Available in (C) Pleas

Four New Supreme Court Decisions

Later Discovery of an Outstanding Arrest Warrant Does Not Remove Taint from an Illegal Stop

United States v. Taylor: An Extra Dash of Pepper

United States v. Moore: Sixth Circuit rejects Eighth Amendment challenge to ACCA

United States v. Tinklenberg: SC Reverses Sixth Circuit Twice but Still Affirms

Potential New Appellate Waiver Exception

SC Clears the Way for Prisoner Release in California

Gearing Up For Trial?

Finally, some math we can live with!!!