Thursday, December 15, 2005

Greetings and Apologies

T'is the season to be overwhelmed, and I am there. My apologies to the readers for failing to make regular posts this week.
Following is a list of some websites, most of which you probably visit, that provide some interesting reading and may give you ideas for creating defenses and sentencing arguments: At this point, everyone probably has Professor Berman's site bookmarked. I find it fun to see what scholars see as the important issues. Alan Ellis has many helpful sentencing hints. He also publishes a book about the federal prisons that is a good resource. I was not familiar with this one, but it has some good links and provides a forum for chatting. Everyone should be a member. This is an interesting site to visit. You can also sign up so that they send you bulletins about what is going on with the Sentencing Commission. The latest addition is the 2004 Source Book, a compilation of useful and not so useful statistics for FY2004.

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