Wednesday, April 07, 2010

New Website for GL Research

Sorry for the lack of posts. It's been REALLY busy. I will wrap up a large project soon and, I hope, be back to posting. Soon, I hope. ;)

Meanwhile, here's a link to a new resource for guideline research.

The site includes a collection of documents that can be used to trace the history of a GL. It will be most useful when you have an amendment in mind and want to inquire into its “legislative history,” and you know the amendment cycle(s) in which the issue was under consideration. This information can be obtained by looking at the Historical Note in the GL Manual at the end of the guideline or policy statement at issue, then at the “Reason for Amendment” in Appendix C.

Also, the Commission publishes every proposed and final action in the Federal Register. To find the administrative record of a proposed amendment that was not adopted, or to find out whether the language of a proposed amendment evolved after the public comment period, search the Federal Register database for any notice of proposed amendments to the GL or policy statement at issue. Then go to this new site to look up the relevant materials.

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