Monday, May 17, 2010

6th Cir. Judicial Conference Recap

The 6th Cir Conference (May 4 to 7) was excellent. The speakers were fantastic and included too many leading jurists to list. It was a fantastic event and I look forward to the next.
One break-out session I must mention was the session on revisiting old convictions in light of new technology. This session focused on forensic science: advances in technology, flaws in the "scientific" methods used, Daubert challenges, and related topics. With advances in DNA technology, innocent people are getting relief. These DNA cases bring to the forefront a number of problems in the criminal justice system. Having just worked on a Daubert challenge (with a somewhat successful result), I think such challenges offer an opportunity to address some of these problems. Sure, these challenges are not easy to make, but I think the potential benefits are great.
The session was a moving reminder of why we do this job.

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